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Order marked completed...but never actually delivered


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I paid $100. Seller was supposed to vectorize two logos and completely redesign my original logo. The first two were done quickly. I sent him images of other logos that had unique features, metallic, 3D or using back-light as a reference for what i was looking for. The redesign was horrible. All he did was recolor the original logo. And then changed the background on a revision. I could to those myself. He kept apologizing. I asked repeatedly if this was a project that he was comfortable with? He insisted that he could do it and if i wasn’t happy, he would initiate a refund. Moreover he said, He’d have my redesign in 24 hours. Then nothing for 3 days. Then he said 12 hours. Then nothing for over a week. Ive sent him 5 messages since then. NO ANSWER. Now the order has been marked complete. To my mind…the vectorizing of the two logos was worth about $10. The real value of what i was paying for was for the sellers creativity and completely redesigning my original logo. Whats-more…fiverr does not have any convenient link to resolve this process. On the resolution page…it has me send another message to the seller. HELLO!!..he hasn’t been responding to anything in over a week.

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