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TIP: Thinking about Changing Your TAGS?


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Hello Fellow Sellers.

I thought to add this here in case some of you are actually unware of this. If you are already aware, then you figured this out before me!

If you are thinking about updating/changing your tags, think twice. Expecially for those who have a nice amount of members who have collected your gig. By changing your tags you in effectively change your collected gig number.

I noticed this about last week, I had 33 people collected my gig. I changed 1 or 2 tags, My number dropped to 20. Not putting 2 and 2 together the last week, I went and updated them again today, making more changes then the last time, instanly, I dropped from 22 collected down to 9.

This is a very interesting fact. Did these people find my gig based on the tags alone and then were they collected based on this formula. I cant really answer that. But I can say based on my experience I just did, this had to be the only reason, second before I changed the tags I was in 22 members collected gigs, the moment I changed them I dropped down to 9.

The thing to remember here, as I have found this out after the fact, that you can add TAGs to your collections, so my best guess here is if 24 members collected my gig based on a TAG i used and now removed, my gig was removed from their collection because I no longer am using that tag. So just be sure you want to change your tags, expecially for those who have a fair few who have collected your gig.

See I feel the collections are important, the more people collect the more you float about around fiverr.

Now im sad.


lol time to build back up again… They say when you get knocked down, get back up and try again!!!

So moral of this story, think twice before deciding to update/change your tags…

Unless this was not meant to happen then it would most certainly be a bug in Fiverrs system, IF it is meant this way, its kinda sad really, for both members, My gig is no longer in 24 peoples collections, those 24 people collected my gig for reference later, if they go looking for me, I will no longer be in their collection, which could be frustrating to them. Therefore collecting gigs would be defeating its purpose, as sellers may choose to edit their gigs anytime. If any of this rambling makes sense!

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I was thinking last week, one minute I had 33 collections, then I noticed only a short time later that it dropped from 33 to 20. I thought to myself, surely not 13 members removed me from their collections within this time… Not putting it together at that point it may have been due to me changing a tag or two…

This time, I did notice. I was first changing my discription, saved it, checked it out… etc etc… But the moment I changed the tags, I noticed it dropped to 9.

Yes, very interesting though!

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Yeh, I think so. I dont think Im game to try it again though in anycase. I have already lost the last original 13.

Its a bit of a worry!!

I just suggest for others to be careful if they are changing tags to be mindful in case this happens. 🙂

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