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No orders and no sales


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You need to understand that Fiverr is NOT a get rich quick website. No one is guaranteed sales just because they have gigs on Fiverr. YOU need to do the work to make your gigs appealing and well-promoted. If you’re not going to do the work required to promote, market, and present your gigs, then you’re probably not going to get many sales.

Your gigs are a business. Treat them as such if you want to be successful here on Fiverr.

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You got your first order, congratulations, that’s the first step.
But as jonbass said, Fiverr is not a get rich quick website.
Getting your first order is just the first step, and from there you
need to keep working hard. In other words just because you
got your first order does not mean the next orders will start
pouring in. Orders trickle in slooowly at first, and then turns into a flood every now and then.

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