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Critique me please!


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Asking for phone numbers and email addresses are basically not allowed. I know that there were some exceptions where the seller can talk to the buyers through s***e for language lessons, but I’m not sure if those gigs are still around. Did you check with the Fiverr staff?
Maybe talking to them on s***e might be a better choice.

Also, you might want to create a video of you doing a mock-up demo or something,
for a gig like yours having a video will help a lot.

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Guest teamconsigs

This is in an interesting Gig!

I recommend adding some testimonials from friends/family that you may have already helped.

Tip One: The last paragraph of your gig description is rather long. Try and break it up as most readers quickly scan this information. Take advantage of the bold and highlighting emphasis available.

Tip Two: Avoid using words like ‘shady’ or anything that can cause your audience discomfort. Instead use statements like, ‘Stun car salesmen with your knowledge, leave them speechless, and begging to give you a better deal’.

Your expertise can be used in several ways, try venturing out of the broadness of this gig and break it into things that you can give your market as tools.

Good luck!

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Thank you both for your input! I will make a video when I run into someone with professionally quality equipment. I will look into the phone number thing to see if I am breaking the rules. I am not trying to, I was just trying to help in as many ways as possible! Also, I will revise my last paragraph! I appreciate both of you for taking the time.

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makeacardeal Hey man great gig. Great pic 🙂
This is advice coming from a 3+ year seller here. Dont let my new account fool you as I closed my previous one down to re-name it to this.

Here are my tips for you.

  1. Make a video for EVERY gig. Sales literally do go up 200% it seems with a GOOD VIDEO. Tips to make a good video would be…

Try downloading a teleprompter app for android/ipad . Write a script of no more than 150 words describing your gig. (include “Available on on fiverr.com” in it somewhere) . have someone hold it (or prop it) slightly BELOW the camera’s eye… This could be done via tripos ,cardboard boxes. Record your video that way. Perhaps find an video editor here on fiverr to cut your raw footage and make it golden. Spend a good $50 bucks or so on this… a poor quality video will get poor results. See some good video sellers here ,there are all over O_o.

  1. add more pics , keep the one you got. Possibly let the other 2 pics be testimonial quotes or nice stock photos (not a fan of stock photos personally)
    The best pics would probably be showing you talking with other people if you work at a car dealership. Pose some people next to a car with you pointing at it holding a clipboard… My best idea. - moving on.

3)Your gig text / format / extras are all gold… Not sure if you made use of the highligher , but do so if you havent.

  1. About offering s***e.
    TRUST ME - been up this tree several times and I’ve got the final word on this finally.

Its simply this - Send a ticket in for gig support … Tell them you’re offering a sykpe consultation on your gig. You may have to just re-name the gig to simply have the word s***e in it. Once that is established and you run it by the staff … they will most likely approve it and you will be able to collect any necessary contact info. The staff will / or should ask you … to ask for your clients info via the buyer requests or buyer requirements portion if your gig.

Good luck!

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