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My new story still being written


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Hello, Fiverrs.

I’ll share my story even though its still being written. I’ve created a Fiverr account a while back, but only recently embarked on the journey of become a Fiverr seller. I’m in school for clinical laboratory science and did not work as I care for my son who has down’s syndrome and the best kid in the world but requires extra care.

I was in the military and as my son was born I did not re-new my contract because I knew of the diagnosis and won’t be able to leave my son to be called out. I was doing 3D as a hobby and had my own profile and seen that people enjoy my work and I enjoy being creative primary because my creativity comes from my mind. Unlike very talented people, I can’t draw, I can’t sing, I can preform, I pretty much cannot do anything in the physical realm. In the computer realm, I can be as creative as bringing as making polygons and shaping them and texturing and using the proper lights and it was a hard and intimidating start when you start with a software that looks like your operating a space shuttle. There is dials, and numbers, and nods and lines running everywhere and more numbers I was afraid I switch one number the whole thing is going to explode.

So was a hard start, but after I’ve learned the basics of learning which is start with one concept and then learn another concept and combine the 2 concepts I learned together almost like piecing a puzzle. I’ve started to learn the trade and became less intimidating which made me branch out to other software. I’m like a villager that discovered there is more things outside my comfort village. I utilized the same concept by learning hands on one thing at a time and then piecing them together. Which led me through many different metaphorical villages and now I am able to use and create with the worlds best software that movie studios use to create those movies using the pipeline and for some this is a foreign word and it was for me to because if someone told me few years back about a pipeline I would have thought they are talking to me about plumbing.

So after my work got praises I thought maybe I could do a little bit of pocket change by offering my services and doing a bit of side work. I love doing this and why not do some work and get few extra dollars. After that worked out, I figured I need a bit more of corner where people can find me and I decided to give it a shot on Fiverr.

I looked on Fiverr and seen that video market is pretty healthy and I can do that too and I’ve setup my 7 gigs and before they were even went live went refreshing to see if anyone seen them or contacted me yet. After a day or two I saw a bit of views not many but few checked it out… and then my views went to 0… I figured okay I am in an ocean I need to get the word out about my existence. I’ve started a marketing campaign and saw jumps here and then was a lot of hit and miss and then things bottomed out again.

Few weeks went by and started to feel discouraged why would anyone notice someone with no feedback on here there is a lot of people established doing everything good. So I had the blues, but didn’t give up hope. One day out of the blue I got a message asking about my service I was so excited. I offered a lot of info explained everything and closed the sale, I over delivered to get the best 1st impression imaginable and got 5 star review that was so exciting.

The same buyer came back for more services and then my views started to click up. I got more inquires and sales started to come in… I started to average 15 views per day between my 7 gigs. I started doing business.

I’ve reached level 1 and heading on towards level 2 super exciting and I’m currently averaging 50 views per day now and growing which is converting to a solid business, and I’m not at full capacity with my gigs. (will be adding and switching out to keep things fresh).

Fiverr has given me so much confidence that you can rise up and become a solid performer and get noticed by working hard and using trial and error to get it right. I am now expending into my own business taking it a step further by bootstrapping (it doesn’t get more bootstrap then where I’m starting) and opening a fully solid base business while continuing to build my business on Fiverr! I ofcourse plan on utilizing the awesome sellers on Fiverr to move the bootstrap and get it on its knees and then feet.

Thank you for everyone who took the time to read my story its still in its in its early stages, but I wanted to share and maybe inspire some people that have the blues and feel discouraged, sometimes we have slow starts, and some people have fast starts. As long as keep chipping away and not give up hope, that the inspiration can carry you very far!

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