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Character count bug


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I am sure somebody reported this before, but I searched on ‘character count bug’ and got nothing relating to the character count in a Gig description, so here it goes.

The character count in the Gig description is buggy when copying and pasting. Part of the problem is that Fiverr counts the HTML tags they use to format the pages on their site (like paragraph tags) as characters. Unnecessary line breaks and carriage returns are also added randomly. You can see them if you create a new Gig, save the description, and then go back to the description before you publish it. Fiverr’s website code shouldn’t be counted as characters I use.

By the way, if you can see the HTML formatting in a Gig description while editing it, the character count doesn’t work (it zeros out), so people can add as much as they want as long as they never edit the description after publishing it. I went back and edited my Gig just to make sure I didn’t go over. That needs to be fixed pronto.

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