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Anyone Experiencing this?


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I find it hard to believe that buyers are too busy this January to the extent that they cannot spare five minutes to give detailed information about what they needed done.

Okay this is what happened…
I responded to some requests in the buyers’ request section, and some of them accepted the offer after a week without contacting me. Now the thing is that these people submitted orders request and say… “thanks for the offer, the request is the same.”

Now the order is not showing excerpt from the original request, and fiverr’s update makes it practically impossible to trace the exact request because the username is not visible, and sent offers cannot be clicked on. Buyers went south immediately they placed order or reply once in 8 hours. Unfortunately, the time is counting.

Is cancellation the best solution for this in all cases?

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what @essyjoseph said, and cancel. Explain why–when they get the cancellation notice, they’ll then realize that you don’t know what you need to do and either decline with the details or accept and you can continue on your course. Or they may ignore it leaving you with a black mark.

Isn’t Fiverr wonderful?

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