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Question about selling a Physical gift + Shipping


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Average delivery time means the time they receive it. Delivery means delivery.

I see you have a 7 days delivery option. I would remove this option since if someone is in Japan for example it won’t get there in 7 days most likely. However if you are in the USA and so is your buyer, this should be standard. I also don’t see shipping rates so in your description so you should talk about different shipping options and delivery times. There really is no way you should be guaranteeing delivery times if you are shipping out of the country. I wouldn’t talk at all about delivery times. I would say that their photo will be shipped by the next business day. Say that they should message you for shipping rates and include their address. You will need to become familiar with shipping rates and requirements, and be able to give buyers an idea of when to expect to get it, although it’s probably not possible if you send them internationally.

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