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Cannot reach my seller


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I started an order 3 weeks ago, and have been patiently waiting through Fiverr message bugs to hear back from my seller. She said she was having “to do list bug issues” with Fiverr, and to message her “using DMs.” I’m not aware of any other way to message a seller than using the regular Fiverr “contact seller” messaging service. Is there a DM (direct message) option?

The last I heard from her was January 8th. It’s now January 15th and I still have not heard back, even though she has marked the job as “order completed.” I cannot locate the work she has done anywhere online and am simply trying to get a response as to what the status of this job is. I have sent numerous follow up messages, but it doesn’t not appear as though she is receiving them. I don’t believe she is taking advantage of me because she is a very credible Fiverr seller, but I feel completely helpless in trying to get this resolved.

If you have any suggestions or insights, I’m all ears. Please help!

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It is really difficult to help based on the information you’ve provided. By DM, she could just mean Fiverr inbox messages. People call them all kinds of things. I’ve seen people call them emails (which they definitely aren’t) as well as PM’s and IM’s.

A problem could definitely arise if someone asked you to describe your order in an inbox message instead of placing an order. Typically, though, that only hurts the seller.

If you actually placed an order with the seller, the seller cannot actually mark it complete. They normally deliver the order by clicking deliver and attaching a document that fills your order. The buyer then has 3 choices. They can click complete to accept, they can click the modification or cancellation buttons stating that they haven’t received delivery as promised, or they can do nothing. If the buyer does nothing, the order is automatically completed by Fiverr’s system 3 days later.

If you didn’t receive delivery of what you ordered and the seller isn’t responding, my suggestion to you would be to contact Customer Support. Explain to them that you don’t currently suspect any wrongdoing, but that you need to know what to do next. They can take a look at the message and order patterns to see what might be going on. Good luck!

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