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Effective Sales Delivery & Time Management Tip [Important!]


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Hello everyone, having delved through the trends associated with practicing “Project Management” for diverse projects, I thought it would be wise to share a few tips on how SALES DELIVERY can be complemented by effective TIME MANAGEMENT with respect to accepting more orders.

Very well, Fiverr houses professionals across all sectors with different skill set, but what defines each service provider’s capability is not justified only by the quality their jobs, but also their communication and timely service delivery.

The steps to building effective time management skill and service delivery is:

  1. Knowing Your Strength:
    By knowing your strength, I simply mean knowing what you can offer and how long it will take you to deliver in the smallest possible time.

  2. Set Realistic Goals:
    Oftentimes, I have seen people fall a victim to the act of setting highly unrealistic targets or goals all in the name of trying to acquire it all. Set your TIME wisely. If you can do it in 3days, set it to 4days, while working towards the 3days. This will help you gauge your “service strength” with respect to your “service quality”, thus increase success.

  3. Not Copying Others:
    One of the things that I was guilty about (outside Fiverr) was attempting to be like other successful people by mimicking them exactly in character and style, until I learned the hard way. Like I stated earlier, you alone knows your strength. While it may take “Provider A” to understand something in 10mins, it may take you 2mins, 35mins, 1hr or even 4days to do the same. In other words, work according to how you’ve learned or can give while ASPIRING to be like other successful people, not COPYING them.

TO SUM IT ALL UP (Keeping your “Delivered on Time” at 100%)

Consider being this DEMO service provider below and answer the question in your own way:
Given you have 24hrs in a day. As a hair dressing provider, if you can provide the service to a single customer in 3hours, and you have 10 customers waiting because they believe in your service, how will you manage providing for all of them within the 24hrs?

From the example, that’s exactly 30hrs to do the job right? The Math is simple. Now, how can it be solved? If you do not have a helping hand, you simply cannot deliver. However, you can still take up 6 customers, and discretely persuade the others to come the next day. Sometimes they do, and sometimes they don’t. Do not let that bother you; rather focus on delivering the best value for BUYERS investment.

So here on FIVERR, if the same situation as stated above applies to you, set a limit for yourself on the amount of jobs you can accept for a given period, say 10 orders for 1 week, and so on with the Maths. Once you reach that limit, you can devise a means to make the BUYER return after a certain period of time, rather than take it all as they come, thus falling short on delivering within the expected time. This will in turn greatly impact your “Delivered on Time” rating.

Though SELLERS service (different fields) does vary with how much they can take up in a day, weeks or months. But whatever it is, just know your strength and set a reasonable timing.

Thanks All…

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