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Jan 2016 worst sales month, how you guys paid your Feb 2016 bill?


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$30M, not $60M. Fiverr is good at marketing itself and I’ve no complaints on that front. Our individual experience isn’t the total “speed” that Fiverr’s working at. Don’t forget: pissed off people are the most vocal of them all…

Incidentally, I was doing some research into Fiverr earlier and it seems that a few ex and current employees of Fiverr HQ (I cannot verify this at all, so add liberal doses of salt) say that the CEO is a bit “Steve Jobs”. An egomaniac who switches managerial styles on whims, and that the top management is a hideous mess, while your average employee is just trying to get on while learning a lot on the job. Now, can we have that long-promised interview, because I’ve got LOADS of questions for the CEO.

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7 months into Fiverr, I had my backup portals and plans in the pipeline, knowing how great this place is for “new sellers” mostly. I had my ride and now the slide. Now I have s***e session sharing my freelancing experience with others who are sick of their full time jobs. “How I made $138900 (random figure like that) on Fiverr” is a hit module in UXXXy, online courses which brings in more newbies. The desperate ones follow no strategy, just make Fiverr their end all option, deliver the sky for peanuts and glowing reviews thereby devaluing (Hope this word exists) the whole system.

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