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Jan 2016 worst sales month, how you guys paid your Feb 2016 bill?


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Thank you, I had a harsh upbringing.

I remember a situation when I was a young programmer in the music industry. One day I went to the CEO’s office and complained about the fact that he only came to our team when something went wrong and he had something to bash about. But he never came telling us how great we did when everything worked fine.

He looked met straight in the eyes and said: “This is what I fucking pay you for. What do you expect? That I walk through the building all day long and padding people’s shoulders because they do what I fucking pay them for? No, I go and complain when they mess up. Any more questions?”

I considered him right and went back to my office and made things work.

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I don t see much difference this month and other months here… well December was bummer, but we all had holidays and vacations. I think January is pretty ok, till today I earned something over 300 on fiverr only. Which is just fine, considering fact I started like 6 days ago. In freelancing you always have dry periods, that is why if freelancing is your only income you should think two months in advance, not living from one month to another.

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I would suggest that you lower your order time from 5 days to 3, this will make you show up in the searches more often. You offer 1 day delivery as an extra so you can surely do it in 3 days as standard. I doubt this will affect the number of people who buy the extra, someone who can wait 3 days can probably wait 5, someone who would buy the 1 day delivery probably still can’t wait for 3.
Really nice work by the way!

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You are pointing the finger and blaming others when…

  1. You don’t even have a video for your gigs

  2. You don’t use all of your characters allowed in your gig descriptions

  3. You only have TWO gigs listed

…I can go on, but this is usually how it goes. Sellers come here to whine and complain but their gigs aren’t complete or maximized for sales. Get your ducks in a row before looking to blame others for your own demise.

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Especially when their gigs aren’t completed as suggested. This seller has only two gigs listed and no video on either of them. Also short descriptions and extras not created/added to the second gig. Seller is also trying to rely on packages, if you are slow, you may have to lower your pricing until you get busy again. I had to restructure my pricing a bit for the holidays and it helped a lot.

I agree with you completely.

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Hi chrisdata!
I love your artwork. I took a good look at your gigs. I see you are using the gig packages.
I have a question: Did this lack of sales start when you started using the gig packages?

I find that very confusing when I look at the gig packages you are offering and it’s so confusing it would discourage me from ordering from you even though I love your work.

Here are the 3 different gig packages you are offering:

Full Colour portrait drawn from Head to Shoulder in blank background .PNG file.

Full Colour Portrait in 300DPI High Resolution Print-Ready blank background .PNG file.

ll Colour Portrait blank background .PNG file + Editable Vector .AI Source File.

I can’t understand any of this. I cannot see much difference in the packages, and I’ve really tried. I give up in frustration and want to move on when I look at this.

It would take me half an hour probably to figure out how to word this so that it is quickly and easily understandable, and the differences obvious between these packages. Not to mention the setup of the entire mess of these columns they put the packages in is so bad and so hard to navigate and compare that it also is something that makes me want to run away.

If there is a way to make this so that it is immediately obvious what these different packages are, then work on that and if not then go back to just using extras.

Also why do all three offer only a blank background?
The first two packages look identical—and it took me a lot of looking at them to figure even that much out.

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Hi Crystal, thank you!

Since I turn into Gig Packages it’s totally fine and get more ‘good’ sales than before. I quote my gig price based on all 3 years of my buyer’s request.

Standard $15: just normal colour portrait in normal size
Print-Ready $25: for buyer who want to print large with my artwork.
Vector file $35: Source file to let them edit for future use.

I usually just doing one gig on Fiverr since joined fiverr and reach Top Rated Seller last year March. I only do good in one gig (drawing portrait) so I only doing one single gig here, I don’t see there’s a problem about it. I have stable income all these years except this month January 2016, which really get myself worry that’s why I create this post but unfortunately most seller see that I blaming fiverr.com. I think I’ll need to apologise to you all who felt that way but actually I really love fiverr, that’s why I do it full-time for so long.

Hope it will turning back and I try decrees my delivery time from 5 days to 3.
Peach & Bless us all!

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She is also infringing the portrait rights of Scarlett Johansson and the copyrights of the photographer/cinematographer who took the original footage.

I don’t believe that Johansson signed a release in order to grand her the right using the image to endorse her gig.

And no, the mere fact that you can pluck it from the Internet and everybody is doing it doesn’t make it right.

I actually wait for the day that another big law suit will come and I secretly will grab a sack of potatoes when I then read all the whiney posts here on the forum.

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