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Bad idea to have gigs of our competitors at the bottom of our gigs


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I can only see this when I am not signed into fiverr. Once again fiverr is showing our competitors gigs at the bottom of our gigs. I had noticed a definite drop in sales, and wondered why, and then looked at my gigs when I was not signed in. I saw the answer.
Gigs of competitors at the bottom of my gigs.

It causes a sharp drop in sales whenever this happens, as it does periodically.

A buyer is thinking as he reads my gig “I think I will buy this” but gets to the bottom of the gig and then see my competition, and then thinks
"Wait, I will look at these other gigs".

My suggestion is to stop doing this. It creates more impressions but less sales.

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I agree! Another thing I noticed is that when a client is searching for a particular gig the “recommended gigs” are showing first. Why in the world is someone with only 20 positive reviews placed on top vs. someone with 200 positive reviews placed on the bottom??? Please Fiverr that does not make sense!!!

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It would seem if you did not know better that anything that creates more impressions is a good thing. In this case it is not good. Once someone is on a page for a gig, reading all the way to the bottom, all he would have to do is click “buy”.

Instead, he then sees more of the same kind of gig at the bottom and leaves the page.
At the point a buyer is looking at a gig where the BUY button is, why take him away from that back into browsing for more gigs?

Put the BUY button on the bottom as well as the top if anything.

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