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Why Negative Or Low Ratings Should Never Limit Sellers


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In all my years of providing service to potential clients, I have come to realize that starting is not overly rosy, regardless of the rave behind it. And why most of the time certain service providers fall short on their service capability is the quick act of giving up so easily, or worse still, quickly.

I have seen providers in most cases deliver shabby service at start, only because they might still be learning how to deliver. But the more consistent you become in practicing and delivering quality service in that field, the quicker you are likely to become highly proficient that everyone will later want to buy from you.

Negative first experience are never a determinant of one’s true potential or creativity, as failure in the first instance will only help you grow, while correcting your mistakes, that is, “If truly you have learned from your mistakes”.

For Sellers, learn the act of patience and consistency in devising new ways to render services to your clients. And if you happen to experience this at first (negative review), do not discontinue, rather find alternative means of improving your skills in the area of service.

For Buyers, it is true that first impression matters, but you can also help Startups discover and unravel their true potentials only if you can appreciate them with a “Simple test of service”. By “Simple test of service”, I mean giving them a little portion of your project just for a test to see what they can actually do.

For All, be good, consistent and creative at what you do, because no one would desire working without a good partnership, whether you are a Seller or Buyer.

Thanks All.

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