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Fiverr Buyer Requests: Earn 100$ Daily


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Hello guys , and welcome to my new post on Fiverr, Today we are discussing Fiverr Buyer Requests Earn 100$ Daily. So not getting sales on Fiverr ?

There are two main reason for not getting sales on Fiverr.

  1. You haven’t properly Setup your Gigs On Fiverr.
  2. Too Much Competition

So lets first understand how Fiverr works ! There are two ways to get sales on Fiverr.

  1. Through organic search i.e when someone searches for work on Fiverr and your Gig shows up and that person buys your gig. This all happens organically and automatically , all you need to do is wait and pray.
  2. Through Buyers Request, in this way people i mean buyers post an offer on Buyer Request, and you the seller, goes out and search for the perfect offers and apply to those offers.

How To Find Buyer Requests ?
So if you are like those people, who simply wait and pray , that means you don’t know where buyer requests are. You can find Buyer Requests very easily login into your Fiverr Account >> Sales >> Buyer Requests.

Fiverr Buyer Requests
After opening buyer requests you will see, ton’s of Active Buyer requests.
Wait ! don’t start sending offers to every body ! don’t waste your and buyer’s time, now start scrolling down and search for the offer which you can 100% complete.
After ! you have pin pointed the perfect offer, click on send offer, now there are two option.
You can send a custom offer | Which i recommend Or you can send your related Gig along with message.

Why i recommend Custom offers, there are two reasons
1)You can send custom offers with freedom of how much you charge and how much time it will take.
2)No reviews no worries, if you don’t have reviews on your gig, buyer will surely consider other seller’s offer.

Must Read :- 100 Fiverr Gig Ideas.

Now it boils down to how many offers you sent. It all comes down to, on Which Fiverr Level you are…… Fiverr Level 1 seller can send 3 offers daily and Fiverr Level 2 seller can send 10 offers daily.

In my experiment before writing this post, i sent offers to few requests and got two sales with in few hours, and both of those sales for 30$ so you can do the math, if you sent 10 offers and got 5 sales, of at least 20$ , you can easily earn 100$ daily and Buyer Request is the only way to contact most buyers directly on Fiverr so give it shot and share your experience in comments below, sharing is caring 🙂
Good luck with achieving sales.

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