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New Feature Test - Sponsored Gigs FAQ


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Please do it for new sellers only. New sellers are not getting sales anymore. Those who don’t have reviews they are not getting sales.
Read: http://forum.fiverr.com/discussion/no-buyer-loves-a-new-seller/

Please keep the price between $0.10-$1 Please do not cross $1. Then most of people can’t carry this. Please do it for the new sellers only. Top Sellers, Lvl1,lvl2, are getting good amount of orders, but not the new sellers. Please do something.

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Looking solely at immediate profit, it’s a great idea. It also drives new Sellers away. That’s what happens when ‘pay to play’ systems are set up. Right now Fiverr makes money when Sellers make money. Paid advertising will mean Fiverr can make money whether Sellers are selling or not, which means that Fiverr will no longer care about Sellers selling - that’s just how the business world works. I also know from experience that these types of systems attract people who will spend a lot more than they make just to get their name (or their Gig) up top. It won’t be the most profitable Gigs, or the best ones, just the ones created by people with a lot of disposable income. It will drive people away that want to make money, and ultimately drive Fiverr’s profits down in the future, as well as lowering the public’s expectations of the quality of services they buy on Fiverr. Finally, it doesn’t matter how good ‘editorial’ efforts are, there will be problems with that as well. Any time subjective evaluation is used, it causes a lot of problems.

I’ll be disappointed when this roll out, because it will mean that most of my time and effort on this site has been wasted.

For all you people who think it’s a great idea - remember that you only have seconds to grab people’s attention. Placing the same Gigs at the top all the time is equivalent to Fiverr deciding which Sellers should get sales, and which should not.

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