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NoSuchKey XML error on attachment download


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Hello, I’d like to signal a technical error on Fiverr.

When I’m downloading the completed order files I freshly recieved, instead of having the file downloading, I’m receiving an xml page with this error : NoSuchKey

Copy pasting the raw output :

<Message>The specified key does not exist.</Message>

Probably a CDN sync error?

Hope the tech team will fix that soon as my customers need those files 🙂

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I haven’t seen this error but the forum is not fast enough for this kind of issue. For delivery, I would suggest you use Drop Box for the time being. For help with the error, you need to go to the Customer Support page and click to submit a ticket in the upper right hand corner. The forum is great for general bug reports, especially those that aren’t critical to delivery. Staff only checks in occasionally on the forum, though.

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