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5 Reasons not to Give up on Fiverr as a Seller


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Though I’ve got tons of orders on queue…I want to quickly send this out to all upcoming sellers who are feeling frustrated here on Fiverr.com

Here are the 5 reasons you have not to give up!

1- You will learn to be a Better Service Provider:
The awesome competition here is an encouragement to any meaningful skilled personel to want to improve his or her services… As a service provider on fiverr, you know the buyer will contact at least 10 sellers at a time… your skills is what will sell you! So, go improve your skills today!

2- You will Learn to be more Patient:
I’ve had a lot of frustrating buyers that will not read the gig description at all and just place their orders without doing the right thing… it takes a lot of effort not to shout the hell out of the buyer!!! You learn how to control your anger because fiverr frowns at sellers who abuse or curse their buyers and may ban your account for this.

3- You will learn to be a better communicator:
Communication is key to a better and lasting profitable relationship… meeting people from all over the world with different up-bringing and exposure will help you improve your understanding of people from other parts of the world and you get to understand them better and improve in communicating with them.

4- You will Improve your Portfolio:
Most sellers don’t even know what it means to have a portfolio ready for buyers to visit and see what kind of service they provide. You need a portfolio of “designs” or “testimonials” for others to follow and consider you as a pro.
This will in turn increase your patronage and earnings tremendously!

5- You will make money as you improve and follow the 4 factors above:
Do all 4 stuff above and become successful on Fiverr!


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