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How would some of you classify this skill or talent?


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Hi all, I know my major acclaim on here is related to writing, but I’ve been wishing I could offer art-related gigs on here for the longest time. I’ve often shied away from viewing art as a source of income; seeing the prospect of selling art full-time as “unrealistic” or only possible with the right social connections. To those who are doing just that here, though, I salute you =)
In my lifetime, I’ve sold a few paintings here and there, probably about 5 or 6, give or take…yes, the “traditional” medium…the very type that I feel is not reliable for a livelihood without connections, marketing agents, tremendous sums of $$ for booth rentals, etc. I participated in a number of shows, won a few awards, some $$$. It was a few things to be proud of, but I found myself getting away from “traditional art” and moving onto the graphic arena, realizing I could take whatever I studied in school and apply it to Adobe or Corel.

Yes, I had formal training. I always thought highly of all my past art instructors. One of them has been written up in magazines!

Now I am thinking of taking the plunge even though I have cold feet…I hope you guys don’t mind me attaching a portfolio example here. It is not “to sell” It is an example to strengthen my credibility.I understand that I cannot link out to my graphic design website being it is against terms and conditions here; I respect that, my site is not of the “e-commerce” variety to bypass t & c; it serves to inspire trust in others who might want to see if I can deliver what I’d promise.

Attempting to show an attachment of a piece I drew all on my own; I use a combo of tools, including the Wacom tablet, and just plain old pen, ink, colored pencil, etc.You might say I’ve had tons of practice as I’ve been drawing for years, the graphic programs since about 2012.

Can anybody well-versed give me an idea of how to market this skill? I know I will have to work out stuff like file types, delivery time estimates on my own, but just how to classify something like the below drawing (watermarked for internet purposes only)? No, I’m not out fishing for compliments, just a better way of calling this a “drawing gig”.

Oh, and if you’re an artist here, please don’t think of me as a competitor; everybody has a different style. My abstract work is lousy, but I do respect the “abstract” art market.

Darn it, but the upload thingy here is NOT working!!

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I wouldn’t bother, because you’ll get some art n**i who thinks your beautifully crafted work isn’t worth the $5 they threw at you and pitch the mother of all fits if they don’t get a refund. If you insist though, stop telling us about your art, and put it in a jpeg that conforms to Fiverr’s dimensions and put it in a gig that is marketed towards likely buyers. Different gigs for different mediums. Illustrations for children’s books, a sketch for a [special event], original art for a website, business office art (w/ shipping). You know, stuff like that.

Basically, you’re overthinking this. Get a gig up, market it to likely buyers (research first!), add portfolio pieces and wait. Market more if nothing happens.

PS the image function is broken for the moment in the forums. You need to go to photobucket, upload there, then link here with the img=scr and it should work. I think? I haven’t tried it yet.

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The Photobucket thing should work, but I have to agree (to gwenhwyfar37) that it would be better to put up a gig instead of even attaching anything in the forum. Then post a link to the gig in the Improve my Gig category and get feedback on the gig, the art, etc.

If you attach a sample in the forum and then later you start up the gig, the post will then become an automatic sales pitch. Just go for it if you want to give it a shot and get input after.

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