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The maximum number of active gigswas reached. With only 8 gigs?


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Hello, thanks everyone for taking the time for this.

I just saw that the past few days, i did not receive any orders, and now i created a new one, and i receive one order. And in the management of the order i see in big red : "The maximum number of active gigs in your account was reached. You may suspend another Gig and activate this one instead."

But, in my gigs, i just have 8 gigs (not 20), they are all activate, and on the “manage sales” i just have 3 gigs activate (why 3 by the way, and not 8 ? And if we are talking about the gigs that i have sales, it should be just one, not 3)

Can anyone have the same problem and find a solution ? Thank you so much !

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