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Problems starters face


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Good day everyone.

I have just posted one gig pertaining to the subject of translation. Although I have a respectful experience is translation and proof reading in three different languages: English, French and Arabic, I still can’t think of an efficient way to make my services known to others.

I hope you can help me with some tips.

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Welcome to Fiverr
I’d like to tell you it can be difficult for you to sale without patience so be Be Patient about your first sale it can takes days and in some cases it can go upto weeks. But don’t lose hope you will rise its my promise because i’m telling you what i did. and it Worked.

I’m a graphics designer and you are translator i don’t know about your niche much
because we are like EAST Or WEST but still being honest

Tips that i can give you is:
Make sure your keywords are unique and updated
Make sure your gig picture explains about your service
Make sure you use good description (Detailed)
Use your appropriate keywords in description
Buyers like to know what they are gonna get for their $5 Investment

You can’t just write a description like “I will translate english into arabic for more details contact”

See bro nobody is having time these days to contact you or wait for reply so better you clarify everything in detail…

I always tell everyone in hindi “Jo dikhta hai wohi bikta hai” Means “Eye catching items are more likely to be sold”

Hope this helps

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Your gig description on your translation gig doesn’t look too bad, but honestly I would be uncertain about hiring you to translate into English after reading your post here.

Your English skills are better than some non-native English speakers who have posted. No offense intended, but even so, your English is a little off in this thread. I’m not saying you are a bad translator at all, but you might do well to consider adding a few other gig types. Either way, good luck on Fiverr!

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