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Sellers on Fiverr NEED A LAWYER!


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Hi all,

Before we start a conversation, I need to explain something about my service:

My service is just only design (business card design, eBook cover design, etc.). So that, I always give my customer a sample design with a watermark.

If my customer completely SATISFIES WITH THE DESIGN AND DOESN’T WANT TO CHANGE ANYTHING, he/she will ask me for the final design without a watermark and complete this order.

The problem is some buyers give me NEGATIVE REVIEWS after they get the final files.

I tried to contact them, but they didn’t reply my messages. After that, I ask Fiverr staff for a help.

The funniest thing is Fiverr staffs say “your request to remove this rating does not meet our Feedback Removal Policy.”

Do you think is it FAIR? I got 3 cases like this, I lost my good rating, lost my money and lost my trust about Fiverr staffs.

I don’t know how to solve this problem. I think Fiverr should have a lawyer to protect the sellers’ benefits.

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This is a conversation of Fiverr staff and me:

"Hi Fiverr support,

I’d like to give you a sample:

  • You are a logo designer on Fiverr, I’m just a scammer.
    After I confirm the design is fine, I get the final design from you and GIVE YOU A NEGATIVE REVIEW. You try to contact me to ask the reason why but I don’t give you a message back ).
    What do you do now? Offer me a refund? If you do, there are 2 cases:
  • If I agree with this refund, I will get your design for FREE and also get my money back! Of course, your bad feedback will be removed.
  • If I don’t reply anything from you, the cancellation is still automatically going on after 2 days and the money still transfer to my pocket, BUT your rating is still bad!
    The result?
  • The buyer: get a design for FREE, also get money back! (great!)
  • The seller: lose rating, lose design, lose money
    Do you think is it FAIR?
    If you were me, what do you do? Offer a refund to my buyer and he doesn’t answer you. The money is still refunded to him but the bad rating is STILL REMAINED."
    “You have to understand,
    I can not force buyers to give you five stars feedback. It is their right to rate your services as they wish and I can not remove it just because you want that.
    They didn’t live you one star rating. You have three and more stars. That is buyer’s opinion and I don’t have any authorization to remove it.
    After all the system is same for everybody.”
    OK, I don’t make difficulties for you, because I know you just conform to Fiverr’s policy 🙂
    Just a final question:
    As you can see, I have never ordered anything on FIverr.
    From now on, if I order some services, although the seller provides me some good things, but I DELIVERATE give him a low rating (2-3 stars) in order to force him to give me a refund, and I also don’t reply any messages from him.
    Will I be banned?
    Best regards,
    P/S: If you say I won’t, I will thank you for providing me a free way to get everything on Fiverr for FREE. (LOL!)
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Buyers who do this more than once can and will be banned. I looked at your gigs and you have great ratings overall and I don’t think this will hurt your sales. I understand though what you are saying and have much sympathy with you. I’m not sure what the answer to this problem is. Customer support can at times be very sensitive and aware of this problem as well.

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Personally, I think talking about hiring a lawyer because a seller doesn’t like how a buyer chooses to rate them is both silly and ridiculous. Either refund the order, work with the buyer to settle any confusion and seek a better rating, or move on and accept that the rating is what it is. You cannot force buyers to give you the rating you think you deserve. That’s not the purpose of the rating system.

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Hi Daisy,

Sellers who have been around for a while know how frustrating negative reviews can be, especially when they were given for no apparent reason!

However, I can see where the Fiverr staff is coming from when they said they can not remove the feedback. Since there is no technical proof that the client gave you a bad review for a free product, there isn’t much they can do.

I took a look at your profile and you seem to be a great seller. At this point, I think it’s best to keep on doing your best work and forget about those 3 lousy clients.

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