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No sale in 2 years why? Read my Story and tell me


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i am using fiverr from 2013 and i regularly login fiverr, i have installed fiverr app also, i see regularly gigs according to my work and get inspire and try to make similar gig like Top Sellers have but people dont order even free gigs, i have very good work quality, and i have given free demos none of them came for free demo,

you guys can inbox me your work and take free drafts with unlimited revision, check, am i able to do work on fiverr with this quality work?

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You have a positive rating of 67% – that may be a problem. I suggest you start taking steps to bring it up. One of the best ways to do it is to access “Buyer Requests” and offer your services to those clients. Don’t go and say that your work is the most affordable; simply show confidence and examples of what you can do.

Your gig “I will product photo retouching for amazon eBay in just 6 hrs” could be edited to “I will retouch your product photos for Amazon or eBay in just 6 hrs”.

Your gig description is pretty much: Hey I got the cheapest gig, it’s $1/image and then you go on and mention what the gig includes… I don’t feel engaged.

I would suggest you start by sparking interest with something like: “They say a picture is worth a thousand words. Impress your clients and smash your competition with 5 retouched product photos.”

It’s all about speaking to the needs of the people who visit your gig. In my opinion, your value is not offering 5 photo retouch for $5, it’s about what you can do and how you can help.


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Actually, you’ve been using Fiverr since June 2014. Let’s not inflate the facts.

As to why you’re not getting sales, here are some possible reasons: You have a 67% seller rating. Your gigs are not as professional-looking as you think (your English needs some work). Perhaps people are not interested in the kind of services you are offering. Or, according to you in another thread, people keep complaining about the quality of your work.

Perhaps working on fixing those reasons for not getting sales might result in you getting more sales. 😉

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