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Make more money on Fiverr with Levels [ARCHIVED]


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The big question around Levels is how to use them so that you can make more money?

The key is to break your service up into many jobs starting with a basic but complete service at $5. For each extra service, you can charge more.

So, let’s take video editing for example. This can be broken up into time increments on a per order basis - 20 seconds = $5 each, 2 orders = 20 seconds, etc.

Your extras can be used to provide additional effects - green screen, sound effects, text added, etc. If you want to offer more than extras you have - you can break it up into a number of flat rates.

Now, let’s say you offer $5 extra effects & $10 extra effects.

In your description, you can emphasize what a buyer can get for each. So maybe for $5 you’ll add text, or, an intro slide, or credits at the end and for $10 you’ll add any 2 $5 Extras, or green screen or fun transitions, etc.

It’s important to be as clear as possible when laying this out so your buyers understand. It you can also reinforce it in your video, or upload a picture file with the price list.

Check out these tips to make more money with Levels.

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