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Select a Best Seller (Tip!)


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Are you confused which one is best seller to complete your order.

I am a seller and a buyer I have experienced that the newbies are best for you order because of the following reasons

  1. Most of the new sellers are students they remain online whole day with the hope he will get order soon to earn pocket money and to pay the dues for their educations because their poor parents fails to help them.

  2. They work hard to make you a permanent customer so they will work hard until 100% satisfaction of customer.

  3. If new seller fails to satisfy buyer he will must pay charges back to customer to save Him from negative ratings where as old sellers don’t effected more from negative ratings.

  4. new sellers give full time as per order really needs … old sellers try to make new order by merging old ones.

Note: This topic is not to criticizing old sellers. It is just advice to buyers to find out newbies who have potential to complete their tasks.


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This is a inaccurate commentary – nothing more than personal opinion from a new seller. Both new and old sellers have the same potential to be successful. Old sellers were once new sellers too. However, they became successful through hard work – they have proven their value. New sellers have not yet done so.

So, instead of trying to artificially inflate the value of a new seller (as you yourself are), focus your time on proving yourself. Prove that you are a valuable seller through hard work, great gigs, and plenty of positive reviews.

And let the buyers determine which PROVEN SELLERS they feel comfortable purchasing from. Build a reputation through hard work, not “complaining” because you don’t yet have a strong seller reputation.

NOTE: I support new sellers, and I want them to succeed. But I would hardly consider a brand new, unproven seller, to be better than a veteran, proven seller with a strong reputation and lots of positive buyer reviews. 😉

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  1. So you think a student looking for some extra money is going to be more professional than someone who does the work as a full time job for which they are either qualified or experienced in - gimme a break.

  2. The fact that a highly rated experienced seller has reviews to PROVE they have worked hard to make buyers permanent customers and have completed jobs with 100% satisfaction for buyers already disproves this point.

  3. I think you will find that experienced sellers hate getting negative feedback as much or even more than new sellers. I know it really irritates me if someone gives anything less than 5 stars and I will do whatever I can to satisfy customers.

  4. That’s quite an accusation that you are making against experienced sellers. If I understand correctly, you are saying that experienced sellers re-use work they have done for other people. If you have proof of that you should talk to customer service, if you don’t have proof and just made it up then you are an idiot. The majority of complaints I see here from buyers regarding plagiarism and poor work is to do with new sellers who have just discovered how to copy and paste.

Note: This topic is actually extremely offensive and downright wrong. The fact that you are new yourself says a lot. Instead of misleading buyers with bad advice you should concentrate on getting some orders and proving yourself as @jonbaas said.

I often use new buyers myself, if it is for something big I do a small test first for $5. I have sometimes had good work and sometimes had bad work. You can get good quality work from new sellers, however it is safer (although not a guarantee of quality) to order from experienced sellers with good reviews.

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Yes. You’ve had this account on Fiverr since December 2011. And in those four years that you’ve been on Fiverr, you have ONE total seller review. You do indeed still appear to be working on “proving yourself”.

But, as a 4-year Fiverr account-holder, you probably also know (or, should certainly know by now) that the best place to find tips on how to “prove yourself” is by reading the Tips For Sellers forum.

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The new sellers can be anyone, bored office workers, students, retirees, the unemployed, people with a secret passion. There are doctors exploring their hobbies on Fiverr for example.

Whether they work hard or not depends on them. Fiverr doesn’t work for everyone, some people don’t take it seriously, some will let deadlines pass, some resent only making $5, some overvalue their work.

“old sellers try to make new order by merging old ones.”

Not true. I work hard to deliver original work.

“old sellers don’t effected more from negative ratings.”

We’re all affected by negative ratings, I live in fear of my 97% becoming a 96%. At this point I’m bragging about my refund-friendly policies even if it can cost me money. Not all buyers know they can ask for a refund, so I’m basically giving them bad ideas to save my rep.

Besides, I know one TRS who was demoted to level 2. His crime? Too many missed deadlines, too many forced cancellations. I think his rating is like 90% at this point.

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