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Fish Are There, but None Are Biting - a Curious Situation


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Hello fellow Fiverr Sellers!

I have been with Fiverr since July 2014, and an active seller in the later part of the same year.

I took quite a bit of time off between the last time i was selling gigs, until now. I decided to start selling gigs again, after all, my level 1 status has to account for something right?

Now I’m not to sure.

It’s been proving to be quite a slow startup for me. I have noticed that my gigs have indeed been getting views and clicks but no one is clicking the order button.

The fish are there, but none are biting!

Anyways, I have my own theories on why that is:

  1. Level 1 sellers won’t get as many gig views as a beginner seller.
  2. My cancellation rate is %17, which in my opinion is above average.
  3. A long time between sales, its been over a year since my last sold gig.
  4. My gigs do not show in any of my own searches, even incognito.

I have made consistent efforts for the past month to build and refresh my current growing list of gigs. In an attempt to make my account active, all gig descriptions and photos are tweaked often.

I am not sure what is going on, so I would like a few helpful pointers from other level 1 sellers.

Darcy Cardinal

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Thanks Jonbaas,

It’s amazing that I got the number of orders I had before - then again it was mainly repeat customers from before!

This is the situation - In order for me to get below 10% cancellation rate, I need an additional 40+ orders. However, I actually need those orders to get there, but if my rate is effecting me, then how can that be done?

A “Catch 22”

There really isn’t much that can be done if that is the case. However, i will maintain my current level of activity on my gigs, and see what happens.

Darcy Cardinal

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It’s not really a “Catch 22” at all. If you need more sales, but the Fiverr system is working against you (i.e., you are ranking low in the Fiverr search engine), then you just need to find those sales from outside of the Fiverr system. Those outside buyers – those potential sales – are not hindered by the Fiverr ranking system. You have every capability of bringing in sales on your own from other sources. Don’t rely on just the Fiverr search engine to determine how successful your gig(s) will be. Take action. Be your own gig marketer. 😉

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I’ll have to research that one out, have not thought about doing it that way. I also thought about taking a look into the buyer requests section too… a proactive approach.

Thanks again too. I have been “out of the swing of things” so to speak with the selling side. Big difference between 2014 and 2016!

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