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Can't contact seller because of PRIVACY REASONS? what's that?


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I hope this is the right category…

2 days ago, I got this message in my Inbox from this buyer asking me if I can draw her. Her photo was

attached. I said no problem, I can work on her image, and the next day she placed the order. I sent her another message asking for more details of what she would like in her image, like should I draw her sitting/standing, etc.

A while ago I got a reply from her, and she clearly stated what she wanted so I thought OK, time for me to

start working on her image.

I went to the Inbox to get the photo attached to the original message.

I had not saved the photo in my PC since I thought I can just leave the photo in the inbox.

THEN this message came out:

You cannot contact this buyer directly due to privacy reasons"

HUH??? I have been here on fiverr for 3 years and this is the first time I see this.

What does it mean by privacy reasons???

I did send her another message explaining the situation and also asked her

if she can send the same photo again to the order box, but does this “privacy” thingy

happen often???

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