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Earn Money On Fiverr... How?


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  1. Be unique…

It’s really that simple. Of course, that’s relative. So what do I mean by unique? Well, what services would you like to offer? Let’s say graphic design, flyers? Now, that may work but it’s quite common and saturated, how are you going to stand out? Well, you’ll either have to be really really good to be boosted up in the ranks or very very lucky. But what if you aren’t so great, then you can either train and get better or perhaps look for a niche in graphic design that isn’t being offered as yet on Fiverr, be the pioneer.

In a time when (sadly) lots of people are offering a type of service via templates, I sought to rise above the tide and stand out by making sure each client had something unique to them, I extended this idea across most of my services and it has done me well. Couple this with great communication and support and clients will find you favourable.

Don’t roll with the crowd or even try to mimic what someone else is doing, that works for them. Find what works for you and be unique!

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Some really great tips here. There’s some people making some really good money on Fiverr, check out this case study of some of the top earners.

Online Side Hustle – 12 Aug 15

Making Money With Fiverr - Is It Worth It? - Online Side Hustle

Today the topic of discussion is Fiverr and whether or not it’s “worth our time”. It’s true, there is a lot of money to be made with Fiverr, but I often see a lot of marketers getting burnt out on it quickly and under pricing themselves considerably...

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