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Has Fiverr lost its way


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So looking for some gigs today i found a social media marketing plan, there were 5 options from $55 to $255 and i thought to myself what has happened to Fiverr, i can get these prices on any of the freelance sites so the initial business model Fiverr started with has gone out of the window. My view would be to have left Fiverr alone and started a new Freelance site “Brought to you by Fiverr” as the tagline. Fiverr used to offer some great deals for $5 but now if i shop around i can get a better price anywhere. I used to buy gigs ate about 3 per week i have bought maybe 2 gigs in the last month. Am i being unfair?.

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Well with all due respect, I just searched for social media marketing plan gigs and the first thing I came across were gigs mainly priced at $5. In fact, after looking through several gigs, I think that if I was looking to buy this service, I’d choose the seller who described their service as below:

"For $5.00, I will evaluate at least 3 of your social media pages in depth, providing you a score and recommendations guidelines derived from best practices engagement and conversion metrics.

You will then have a clear picture of how to use social media to build a sales funnel - a road map pipeline to increase engagement, leads, followers, and increase sales results.

For just $5, choose any three of the following:
Facebook FanPages
Wordpress blogs
Facebook Ads

I mean this is pretty damned reasonable if you ask me.

In this case, no Fiverr hasn’t lost it’s way. Your not actually being forced to buy anything for more than $5, because lots of sellers still are offering services for $5. As for the sellers priced higher, it’s their belief that their services are worth what they are selling them for and in most cases, this belief is fully justified.

Fiverr is a marketplace. Some services are pricier than others, but then at the same time some buyers have significantly bigger budgets than others.

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What a wonderful mentality you have. Do you know, that $5 probably amounts to $1-2 by the time I get my hands on it after 3 currency conversions and super high “austerity” indirect tax? In other parts of the world, it feeds a family for a few days. Hit them up for the value you crave, because I don’t really care for the $5 gigs. I just do good work in the hope that they come back with more $$$ projects.

If you don’t like it, you don’t have to buy it, just as I have the right to charge more than a pittance in order to make a living. And where are you going to shop around for these prices? Oh, that’s right, on bidding sites, where you’ll be hit with a tsunami of desperate sellers who promise the world and deliver utter sh*t. You’ll find a gold nugget in some of them, but… jeez, don’t be so cheap and entitled, because that’s all I’m hearing in your moan.

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Yes, @markholland8, you ARE being unfair. You are expecting the world for $5. That’s not how Fiverr works. Expecting that of a seller is actually an insult to the seller. Seller’s make a living offering their services. They are entitled to price their services at whatever rate their customers are willing to pay. This is a capitalist market. Quality is not free.

If you can find better freelance deals elsewhere online, then I recommend that you stop complaining here on Fiverr, and go buy from those other sites.

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