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Check out the forum rules and see which rules you’re violating. Since I can’t see an angry review, I’m going to assume you did, indeed pay nothing for whatever you got, and now want to leave a bad review anyway. Misspelling the company name is rather unfortunate, but it happens to the best of us. I’ve done it for particularly weirdly named companies that have a name really close to a common word, but that buyer was nice about it (and admitted that even he did it on occasion), so … well, if this misspelling is a common issue, or crops up more often than not, you may want to consider a rebrand.

Really, I get the impression that communication issues were a bigger issue here, and you probably GOT MAD, which is never good. I know they say you catch more flies with vinegar than honey, although the saying goes the other way round (and definitely works better in business).

Either way, you’re getting angry about something that nobody on this forum really knows about, and could actually be your issue. But it’s good to vent!

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