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You wake up, check Fiverr and see Orders! Anything better than this?


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I’m here on Fiverr for a while, may be an year I guess, and have reached Level 2 already long back. I’ve loved this platform since beginning and hence have been experiencing with different kinds of services to sell.

I started with ‘Logo design’ service, which we all would agree, that has great demand. I did some 50-60 orders for it but never received orders directly, i.e. organically. I mean, everyday I would go to “Buyer Requests” page and apply for all 10 jobs and would get orders once in a while (as a seller, you would know how hard it is !).

Later, I added couple more gigs about publishing articles on my PR3 blog. Same deal. I received orders because of marketing I did for those gigs as well as through Buyer Requests. But I hardly received orders organically. This was indeed of disappointment as I wanted to serve but at the same time had this wish that I would get orders by itself (I know, this is a dream for all struggling sellers).

Then I added few more gigs where I provide picture quotes on different categories like awesome, spiritual, love, motivational, friendship etc. And after a while of adding these gigs, I received an order by itself ! Hurray ! That was a different kind of feeling I must say. Then I received couple more orders by itself (by itself = through search by buyers on Fiverr). And today again I received couple more orders the same way. I know that it’s not much yet but at least it has begun.

It’s a good feeling to wake up and see there are orders for you to deliver just like that.

I know that there are plenty of sellers here who have 100, 200, 300, 400 and list goes on number of sales in queue. I’m just wondering that how great they would be feeling other than earning money !!

I just wanted to say that platform of Fiverr gives hope and I would like to stay here for a long time and keep receiving organic orders and also hoping to find more services that I can offer which are in demand.

That’s my story for today 🙂

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