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Different English Accent in Fiverr Videos


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I know that we come from different backgrounds where English is spoken differently. I am posting this because i think my videos have no impact on my sales. In short, they say that you are likely to get more sales when you have a video. One week ago i uploaded some videos on my gigs but have got only two sales. What i think is, some buyers are getting away after watching my videos, reason being (i think they don’t understand my English accent.
What can i do about this? please help

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essyjoseph I’d like to offer some advice here for you.

  1. You may be right about a…strong english accent or whatever , throwing off your viewers. Many are , in my opinion , preconditioned to stay away from things like Bad Spelling , Bad Grammar , and Possibly even sticking to people who speak natural sounding english over anyone with a thick accent. The first 2 you definitely don’t have as your gig is extremely well written.

If the later is true then well , if my opinion above is also true , you may be right in your assumption is all I’ saying.

  1. Your video needs to go. - And no I’m not advertising myself… I’m telling you it’s hard to see what is in the pictures that are popping up … way too quickly. Some are out of focus and not cropped properly … the christmas theme is odd … And the music loops …

I get it , you are not selling a video service. But your viewers will judge your gig by your gig video , pictures , reviews , and gig description. And I’m willing to be most buyers will look at the video and scratch their heads …

The rest of your gig is great. Add some pics… show some samples of your work or content in them. Make it look good though. Change your video with something animated (whether cartoon style or text based or just get someone to do a different voiceover for you perhaps) - As far as I know , you cant have another actor on camera presenting yourself … but another voice speaking may be different? Anyway , it shouldn’t matter as your spelling/grammar/structure and overall presentation of the actual gig description looks to be worthy enough to purchase a writing gig from you.

Just my 2cents …

  • Of course I mean no offense if I caused any. I’m only trying to help. You look like you’re gonna bring some good writing gigs here and fiverr needs more credible sellers.
    Good luck 🙂
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