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How can I improve my first gig!


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Welcome to Fiverr!

I took a look at your gig, and I can tell you that logo design on Fiverr is really competitive! I don’t think you have a reason to worry though, as it takes all of us a little time to grab that first sale. A couple things I would suggest…

  1. More examples! Some logo designers have a catchy image with 4-6 logo examples on it. I would recommend having several there to catch the eye.

  2. Since you offer transparent logos in your basic $5 gig, I would showcase that in the title, such as ‘design a professional transparent business logo’. Most sellers charge extra for that, so that is definitely a bonus for purchasing your gig.

  3. I would work on gig description formatting. I would just edit it and add some spacing between paragraphs and unbold the bullet points. Seems like a small thing, but in my experience, that appears more professional and makes a difference!

Best of luck and here is hoping for your first sale!

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