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When Fiverr gives you Lemons


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Promote your Lemonade stand as much as humanly possible!

Ok, that’s not exactly how the the saying goes, but you get it.

That’s what happened to me. I started my gig a few months back. I was plugging along without any orders. Then I got one and I was like OMG! What do I do now??? That lasted about 3 seconds, and I got to work and finished up the order in a day. This was exciting!

Over the course of the next several weeks the orders kept coming in and I was amazed. I thought, ‘Hey, this might actually work into some kind of income!’. And it probably would have if a few issues had not come up and I had to pretty much start over from scratch.

Since that time, I have learned a lot. It was humbling and I realized that in a blink everything you hope will be your immediate future with Fiverr can change. Sometimes for the good and sometimes not. It was a definite learning experience for me.

I’m happy to say I’m taking a break, a step back, a breather. Whatever you call it. There are a lot of really talented folks out there who are offering the same type of gigs that I offered and I would guess have a lot more ‘spare time’ to do this and not be a slave to you time frame as it seemed I was.

So my recommendation to people frustrated with the sudden lack of orders or there are other issues and your primary gig was deactivated and you lost your client base…whatever the situation. Keep your chin up, stay active and find your niche. This is a fun site and the learning potential laps the earning potential by far.

Use what you know, glean all kinds of info from your competition and make lots of connections. You can do it…have fun!!!

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