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Now Iam a Certified Radio Jockey ! Yippee


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Hi Guys,

Iam very Happy today and wanted to share this piece of News with you all…
Btw iam Amit, Hindi & English Voice Over Talent from India

Two years back one of the leading FM Stations in India conducted a RJ Hunt and i participated in that i also won that title from my city(Hyderabad)… so as a winner i was given Internship and also Scholarship to their Radio Training Program which i have completed successfully …and now i have got the Certificate too 🙂 Certificate is Attached check it out… Due to courier delays and other things they didnt send me the certificate then … Now they did… Super Happy …

Cheers !

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The quickest way to find out is just to upload and wait for the error message that tells you exactly how large the file should be. You can then go to Photoshop and resize it. I cannot recall the file size, but Fiverr’s really picky about it! Congrats on the certificate.

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