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How should write Gigs title and description?

Guest rasel_v

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Guest rasel_v
  1. Always make sure that your description is as detailed as possible.

  2. Use bullets in every gig’s description.

  3. Use bold fonts in every gig’s description.

  4. Use under line in every gig’s description.

  5. Use UPPERCASE in each gig’s description.

  6. Use highlights in each gig’s description.

  7. Don’t highlight too many words.

8.Don’t write unrelated description to your service or product.

  1. Don’t make your description too long or to short.

  2. Use the same keywords in your title and description.

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Using the keywords or the Service related words in the Description effects in Searching.
Like some one search " Unique SEO service " In search Bar Is the Fiverr Algorithum is able to get my gig in front of the user. Did the fiverr robot get the information related to the Service required from the description …??

Please let me know thanks


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