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Getting A Refund From Fivver


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Can anyone tell me how I can get the credit in my Fiverr account returned to my Paypal account. I’m so sick of being ripped off by scam artists, I won’t be using the site again. I paid two different people $5 to do a simple graphic. They so clearly came from the same person who just stole some clip art on-line and put it against some text typed out in word.

It doesn’t take a genius to go through the first hundred search results you get in the graphic design section to see that the vast majority of them have fake profile pics, spoofed locations and are using other people’s portfolio work to rip off customers here.

Do the people who run this place even know what an image search is in Google. Just drag and drop one of the profile picks or phoney portfolio picks into for once in your lives and you will see what a humungous fraud site this place has rapidly become.

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Well, Fiverr’s TOS don’t actually allow for this kind of credit, and you agreed to them when signing up to the site and its services. This doesn’t mean you can’t get a refund through other channels, but be aware that this will result in your account being terminated for breaking TOS. I don’t imagine this will bother you too much, so fill yer boots.

Personally, if you’re paying $5 for a graphic and expecting stunning and original work, I think you need to lower your expectations somewhat. Fiverr has scammers, con merchants and all that detritus, but it also has hundreds, even thousands of quality sellers who provide excellent work, even at a $5 price point (although more money will unlock more enthusiasm as well as better work and perks!).

Finally, I’m tickled at you knocking the intelligence levels of Fiverr and its users when you’re…um…

top kek.

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