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Buyer disappears..!


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Hello Fiverr Sellers…!!! Its my 3rd month on Fiverr and i completed around 26 orders since joining, but it often happens that the buyer disappears after getting the delivery and order automatically completes after 3 days 😦 Why this happens as i provide unlimited revisions until customer satisfaction and you all know that good reviews boost up one’s confidence.

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Some buyers prefer not to leave a review for various reasons.
-Some buyers were not 100% happy and just don’t want to leave a review.
-Some buyers are new to Fiverr and just don’t know how to leave a review.
-Some buyer don’t want to spend the extra time to leave a review.
-Some buyers work for their buyers and don’t want to be found in the search engines since their user names can be traced back.

About 30% of the buyer don’t leave a review. You can always include a little message in your delivery for example: “Thank you for choosing me for your project, please take a minute to rate my service”. Best of luck!

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