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Seller not do right


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I asked for Reskin game.
" I need reskin one game and intergrate AdMob to it.
I want get :

  • file APK
  • Source after reskin and add AdMob
  • One Icon : size 512x 512
  • 5 screenshot
  • one feature photo (size :1024x 500)
    and you help me upload to store too.
    All this task is 25$ ??"

Seller give me two oprions:
“Reskin (change id + name of the app + add AdMob) = 20$
APK + Source after reskin and add AdMob + icon + screenshot + feature photo = 20$”

I choice "APK + Source after reskin and add AdMob + icon + screenshot + feature photo = 20$"
and give him link source code of game. After that I received APK file with same game + screenshot +icon + feature photo of Old game.

I asked him why not reskin game for me, he said He change package name and also give me screenshot (but all is screenshot of old game).

I want take refund back.

What should I do ??

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Well, he’s admitted that he has another account…you should take this to Customer Support! Your screenshots will be deleted, as you are not allowed to name and shame here (just the shame part!)

So, tactic for CS:

  1. note that this seller has two accounts.
  2. seller did not notify you of his package change (and since you requested a custom offer that really shouldn’t count). In any case, when I and other good sellers change my offerings, I honor any orders placed prior to the update.

The whole conversation is frankly confusing to read–miscommunication is most likely the biggest culprit here among a bunch of other red flags.

Finally, I think $25 seems a little cheap for all the work you wanted, but I admittedly know nothing about this kind of work. Anyway, I see the cancellation is still pending, so maybe you’ll get your money back and you can find someone else to reskin etc.

Oh–and I would advise you to wait until the seller declines your cancellation to contact Customer Support, since then you would have grounds to escalate. After all, if you get a refund from your cancellation, you won’t really have much to complain about–although you can definitely flag the multiple account issue.

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