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#2016 fiverr goals-trust your journey

Guest ericjames50

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Guest ericjames50

The year is gradually coming to an end with few hours left before we begin a new chapter in our lives. I joined fiverr 3 months ago, got a level 2 sellers badge and i can boldly say it has been a thing of joy for me. I made great sales, got superb positives reviews, got even more positive reviews, and made cool funds. 🙂
As i enter into 2016, am looking to achieving the following, but are not limited to these:
-Earn a TRS badge
-Hit a 1k positive review
-Provide outstanding services
-Become noticed for my good work.

Don’t be affected by the negative situations that might be going on around you. stay focused to your goal and trust your journey…

Go ahead and drop your goals, and whatever it is you’d love to achieve on fiverr as we proceed into the new year and i tell you, you’ll look back and be grateful that you did.

Wishing everyone on fiverr a prosperous new year. MORE SALES!!! MORE POSITIVE REVIEWS!!! MORE MONEY!!!


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