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Pending Clearance Does Not Show Payment Details?


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Hi to everyone here, I feel a big trouble. In fact, I made a deal with a client and done my job excellent, he completed the order. Then reorder me with something extra work and completed his order again. At the end he gave me $10 bonus through another order and complete it again. Then he gave three 5 star rating and positive reviews. But his only one order payment goes into balance and two orders’ payments go to pending clearance. Besides of it, a new client gave me an order and took his job and completed the order, but at the end, he gave me positive feedback with 5 star rating. However, the payment goes into pending clearance. The issue is that when I click on the Pending Clearance Tab there are no details for pending payment. It looks like as an uncharged payment. How can I resolve this issue, please help me out or give me an idea to resolve this issue.

Hope hears very soon here.

Best Regards

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