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I Really Don't Know What To Say. [TIPS]


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Every year I say I’ll quit forums and social media. Every year I write something. Irrekevant.

Let’s talk about you. You’re having a bad day and you lost a sale because the buyer was the devil incarnate. that still won’t change the fact that CS is oversubscribed. Ponder the hypocrisy in your spare time–lashing out at those who can help you isn’t… well, look, be patient.

Calm down. That’s the first thing you need to do in business. In life, even. Calm down. Go for a walk, talk with your partner, stab a pillow. Whatever works. Get that frustration and aggression out.

Feel better? Probably not, but wait a little longer. Don’t write a loaded post on the forum about it (Google…). As hard as it seems, try to imagine the other side.There are some situations that are completely impossible. I call those the inshallah situations. If God wills what he wills, then… inshallah. It’s for a reason. (If you object to my use of Arabic “God help us”, which is one aspect of inshallah, then I cannot help you–you may be a bigot–and no, I’m as white and lapsed baptised protestant Christian as you get, so don’t even bother).
Then my friend, is when you cut ties. "no, I cannot work with you. The advice varies. Graphics? Send the Apple logo and “I made this lol” or send some mark you accidentally made when you clicked in Photoshop

You already fell for lies? We all do. LEARN FROM IT. You don’t want to hear how your best friend’s girlfriend was a total [word] of choice after the fact when you patiently stood by. Same situation, except no words, just $$$.
“It’s Not Fair”/“Fiverr is cheat!”/“why I am new and you will must love me”

No. Shut up. You’re nothing more than an entitled little brat to the new reader. I know you’re not, so stop that now.

I agree, it isn’t. Life isn’t fair. Maybe you’re not Hitler, failed “you’re a shit painter” fascist. That’s a good thing. This platform is like all the others. Point of this post is, you’ve just been discarded like a used condom from a lover that you were all to eager for in the first place. Nobody wants to feel like a used condom, fewer want to do the introspective bit where “well, how did I come to this point?”

If it was easy as one middle finger, we’d all do it. Hell, I flip my fingers on a regular basis. Sometimes I do it with friends, but mostly when I’m not seen. Like bedroom affairs, we all do it, but we don’t talk about it. Flip away to you dog, and let the dog get excited because he thought he was getting a sausage. Life really isn’t fair.

No, it’s not. You need to know the rules. Play them. Ghandi did, after all. Yeah yeah, I hear you. Ghandi was great, what’s he got to do with this? Quite a lot. Let’s say Ghandi slept naked with women to test his… ability as a man to not “emit” or … well, look, it’s all very suspect. Personally, I think Jinnah was the better man than old Mahatma or Nehru, but whateve

Mother T. isn’t so hot either, unless you support orphans being chained to beds because they’re being difficult and that’s going on right now… well look. You idol probably did bad things (mine is an 18th century revolutionary drunkard!). You can still look up to the good they did. Just don’t pretend they were perfect. Don’t try to be. Be you.

Also make a profile and gigs and optimize them and try to have OK English. If you’re not sure, don’t seek out your kindest uncle. Seek someone unreasonable and mean, work on what they say and then go see kind uncle.

My point is, stop moaning. Stop looking for divisions. Maybe YOU made a mistake. Maybe YOU need to look into your own thing. Life isn’t fair, at all, but it is. Until you understand that, and try to work with it, even when it feels like you’re getting shit particles dropped and applopped daily, it won’t get better.

You have the power. Fiverr’s just some website full of people who are weird like you and me.

Merry Happiness–it won’t last long, but enjoy it while its there!

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By the way, it’s Gandhi…not Ghandi…I know, common mistake. And why on earth would Jinnah be better than Gandhi? I can think of a lot of people better than Gandhi, I rate Nixon higher than Gandhi for crying out loud, but not Jinnah. Jinnah may be a better man than Nehru, but then who isn’t 🙂

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Yeah, I spotted the Gandhi error (I always have to stop and think, and even then I usually get it wrong lol)–that’s why I put the no proofreading caveat in! There isn’t really a place for watercooler chit-chat here, and even if there was, I don’t think it would really be used. I figure just posting something helpful and then going off topic anyway is as good a way to chit-chat.

I don’t follow football, unless I want to criticize the pay of overgrown mean-baby millionaires kicking a ball about, or the corruption and bribery that comes with it, or perhaps ponder "how many underpaid construction workers died this month to build a one-off event stadium in Qatar–QATAR! It certainly is a beautiful game for some, and if others enjoy the skill and artistry on the pitch, fine. Off the pitch, WTH! I note from my Facebook that Manchester United must have had a bad game. The poor little millionaire darlings.

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Don’t understand the hype about football either. 22 overpaid fools run after a ball and when they finally get it they kick it away. What makes it even worth is that people are killing each other when one club shoots more goals than the other. Seen that this has to do with not very well developed brain functions, the laws on euthanasia should be reconsidered.

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You can talk about anything you want in the Conversations category as long as it doesn’t break the forum rules which are pretty basic. (Be careful what links you post, keep the language semi-filtered with substitute words or asterisks, don’t advertise, that sort of thing.) I’ve seen people start word games in that category, holiday messages, announcements about world events and all sorts of things. I don’t see any reason not to discuss EPL as long as people don’t start fighting so much that the thread needs too much attention.

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