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Not good at all


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Submitted my logo for redesign to an artist. We traded a couple of nice messages about the redesign (I’m a small business in Los Angeles that teaches computers and tech to Seniors and Extra Needs Learners).

I received this back yesterday, "Hello Elijah, Thank you for your response. but I’m really really sorry. unfortunately i cant do this work. I have a partner doing sketches to my logos, I spoke to him and he said that he cant help . because he is on vacation. I am really sorry… unfortunately i cant do this work. to be honest I don’t like to waste your time and $$.please find someone else. Happy 2016 !! Best regards, Olivia "

I’m insulted & confused about this, honestly. I’d never treat anybody this way in my business. Elijah

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I didn’t say anything about right or wrong. I was just surprised. I’ve been to great restaurants and ordered my favorite meal, only to find out that they are sorry but are out of that item. I’ve worked with artisan jewelers that realized before I spent money that the vision I had wasn’t something they understood, and I’m so glad they told me instead of letting me waste money on a custom item.

I guess I see it as good business, especially before funds have changed hands. Working with artistic things whether it be food, jewelry or a logo isn’t the same for me as buying a factory produced cheap hammer from a discount store.

I buy and sell on Fiverr and I’ve had sellers tell me they could make me something special when they really couldn’t. An honest seller is a great find. I know it’s a matter of perspective (and I’m no spring chicken at 50) but I doubt the seller meant to do you wrong. They just realized that they didn’t think they could do what you really needed and didn’t want you to spend your money and then have to lose more time if you had to get a refund and buy from a seller that could do the job.

I’m sorry you were disappointed. Season’s Greetings to you and your family.

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