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Merry Christmas to/from Fiverr.com


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Hey Guys,

I always get wishes from Fiverr.com. Do you know how? It helped me to grow from a job-seeker to job-giver. My every day is Merry due to Fiverr because I am upbringing my self, offering jobs to people in my local area and growing business with the help of Fiverr.com. Today, when I completed 4 Years at Fiverr.com and have delivered more than 35,000 gigs with 17,500 feedbacks, I want to share the story of my Fiverr Success.

It was the day in mid of 2009 when I felt proud to get selected in one of the prestigious company of India through my campus placement. But I never joined as I never got joining letter from it because the company was taken over by another giant. So, one more unemployed Engineer was added to the economy.

Anyhow, I got another job and that was the day when I was feeling like King. Everything went smooth till one year and then one night I realized that I am not using my brain to fullest. I switched on my computer and started exploring what people are doing in world now days. It was the time I heard about all freelancing sites and felt WOW!! I understood the meaning of GLOBALIZATION for the first time. A person sitting in USA can get his task done from a person sitting 1000s of miles away. I also tried one such site and got my first data entry task. I was doing something very strange for a client and he was happy with me. I felt very good. BUT the most excited part – I got $20. Oh my GOD!!!, that was ~1000 in my currency, double the pocket money I used to get . That day changed my whole life and the journey started…

Eventually I got introduced to Fiverr.com in later 2011 and soon in next few months I was earning good. I started enjoying Fiverr and soon I hired few students over here in my local area who were doing all tasks for me. I was like a small entrepreneur who was giving salary to 2 people and was earning good for himself too. In next 4 years I bought a Honda City car, got married, went to Mauritius on Honeymoon, went o Thailand on New Years eve, enjoyed 4 days Cruise from Singapore to Malaysia, plus many other things. All from Fiverr income!!!

I kept on working as freelancer till December 2014 and then I decided to incorporate a company. Now we are offering services in Web Designing, Wordpress, Magento, SEO, etc. It has been a great journey and the credit goes to FIVERR!!

My Suggestion to new sellers here at fiverr:

  1. Never cheat people - If you are unable to do the gig politely inform your buyer about that and refund him.
  2. Eat small piece of large cake – If you don’t have any unique idea/skill then start with the most bought gigs. It is always easy to take a small piece from big cake rather than having a big piece from small cake.
  3. Respect Fiverr ToS – Fiverr offers you a lifestyle, in re-turn PLEASE do follow all guidelines and ToS.
  4. Work hard, party Harder – Work for fixed times and then party yourself to get energized for more work. Keep a good balance of life.
  5. Think LongTerm - Never try to make gigs which are just for short duration. Try to have gigs which have demand throughout the year.

So, at the end I want to thanks Fiverr for helping me to achieve a quality of life. I would also invite anyone who needs any help to contact me and I would be happy to give suggestions.

Thanks for Reading!
Ravi Sharma

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