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Customer Service: The Key to Building Your Business


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There are a lot of pieces involved to creating a successful business and one aspect many people seem to forget is that you have to generally care for your clients.

Here is my breakdown for efficient customer service.

  1. Let Your Clients Know: If at all possible, message your new clients telling them that you have received their order and are working (or will be working) on it.

Why: This keeps your client from guessing. It also shows that you’re putting in the time and effort for them.

  1. Updates: Regularly update your client (unless requested otherwise) on the status of the order.

Why: This assures the client that their work is getting done. They’ll also be able to add any input needed for their project’s completion.

  1. Quick Response: Always reply quickly to your clients messages regarding their questions or concerns.

Why: No one likes to be ignored, especially when they’re giving you money.

  1. Professionalism: Always be professional and impressionable. Be friendly and don’t be afraid to chat with your client if they seem as friendly as you are.

Why: Being likable will greatly improve the chance that your client will come back to your gig.

I hope this helps out. Have any more customer service tips? Add them.

Best Regards,

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