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Anyone else offer Free Services for Christmas like me?


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I am going to offer some of my GIGs for Free till December 31 as a Christmas Bonus offer.

List of my Free GIGs for Christmas are:

1- I will design a logo for you.
2- I will do basic SEO for your website.
3- I will index 1000 plus links in Google for you.
4- I will put your logo or text in your desired video
5- I will offer you Free Website Hosting for 1 of your website.
6- I will do Photoshop editing for you.
7- I will provide you 1 domain melody license.
8- I will setup Adsense in your website.
9- I will reset your Wordpress lost logins.
10- I will fix one Wordpress or HTML or PHP bug of your website.

I think these will help alot of people. Do let me know if I can make this offer more interesting for Fiverr buyers. Don’t forget to FAVORITE my GIGs. Thanks in advance,

Note: you dont need to order my GIG, We can sort things via Fiverr contact. Please do not share your personal info or stuff which violates Fiverr Rules. I am offering this service for making Fiverr your favorite spot. So please cooperate not to break any rules there in. Thanks in Advance.

  • If you want to drop me a TIP of your choice, it will be your greatness and I will really appreciate it.
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