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Unfortunately, you are not guaranteed to get orders, or be successful just because you have gigs on Fiverr. You are responsible for your own success. Promote your gigs where your target customers are located, work hard to present your gigs professionally, and know that, here on Fiverr, competition is expected. You have one gig right now that offers logo design. As much as I hate to say this, logo design is one of the most competitive categories on this site. You’re probably not going to make many logo sales unless you offer a service that the other more established logo design gigs are NOT offering.

Competition is good. You just need to figure out how you want to compete.

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Another thing I will add is use your own design if you claim to be an
experienced designer.
Unfortunately there are quite a lot of people that offers logo designs here who uses
sample images that don’t belong to them, and it is quite easy to figure out whether
they were simply taken from another site or not.

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