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Increase Gig traffic with social channels and bookmarks [ARCHIVED]


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We’ve seen that sellers who promote their Gigs on social networks and Q&A sites are bringing traffic directly to their Gigs.

By posting and participating in discussions and answering questions related to the services you offer, you can direct relevant traffic from these popular search sites to your Gigs.

Some of the sites we see bringing in the most traffic are:

  • Facebook
  • Quora
  • Reddit
  • Pinterest
  • Yahoo answers
From an SEO perspective, Social Bookmarks are an easy way to get links to your Gig pages.You just submit a title, URL, description, and tags and you get a link back to your web space.

So what are the main benefits of those links?

  1. Almost immediately they will be indexed by search engines. This means that they'll appear in search so it's especially useful for when you add a new Gig and want to give it some search "juice".
  2. It will give your existing Gig pages a boost.
  3. Gig Pages of low competition niches can be scaled easily.
  4. They are a cheap and easy SEO effort to implement.
  5. There are lots of tools that can automate social bookmarking.
  6. There are a lot of bookmarking sites (see below), which provide you with a range of domains that link back to your pages.
So what kinds of web sites are out there for social bookmarking?

Actually…there are too many to count…but it is important to know the big ones:

Reddit (Alexa: 137 PageRank: 8)
Digg (Alexa: 263 Page Rank: 8)
Delicious (Alexa: 512 Page Rank:8)
Technorati (Alexa: 1,555 Page Rank:8)
Slashdot (Alexa: 1,996 Page Rank: 8)
Newsvine (Alexa: 3,372 Page Rank: 7)
Dzone (Alexa: 3,551 Page Rank: 6)

It’s best to start by submitting your Gig pages manually, and as you learn what works for your field, ease your way into the right strategy for your Gigs.

Keep in mind:
Social Bookmarking alone, will not get you ranked for top competitive keywords and should not be the only linking strategy you use. But it’s a great and easy way to start increasing traffic to your gig pages.

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I’m not a native English speaker, so I’m not sure I fully understood the message.

Could someone please tell me if this actually allows us to use Facebook to draw attention to our gigs and bring traffic?

Could I make my own Facebook strictly Fiverr related page? I would love that! 🙂

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Guest nab_aziz

Really very useful tips to market Gigs to world wide audience through Social Bookmarking and by creating Backlinks. Thanks Nat! 🙂

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Reply to @agl007: I understand how you feel, i too feel sometimes i am working too much for such little money. But I look at this in two ways: One is I get exposure and experience. Two is eventually you will get to move up in level and can ask for more money for your services. You do not have to except any offer, you set your gig and they pay accordingly. I have actually worked out some deals with a few clients to get future work, but that was my choice. Of course we all knew coming in that our work would be for $5, so we really have nothing to complain about. Just look at is as a stepping stone to better things 🙂 Good luck

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