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How to get good results from seller


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Hi, I am entrepreneur, I do have a lot of buyers on fiverr and out of fiverr as well.
Remember <b>Communication</b> is the key.
<b>Narrow Down Your Requirements</b>
If you want a website done for you, divide it in parts, don’t throw it as a whole, let me tell you the advantage of that.
1- You will have an idea on which part of your project seller is working right now, and what is the progress of your project.
2- Suppose seller was good only at design, not on the back-end, and he made a great design for you, but is taking a lot of time on back end. you will only give him money for design, you won’t have to waste your time following him.

Also, communicate and discuss as much as you can, and don’t change the requirements without any reason, and pay the seller accordingly.

when you demand for work with cheap rates, seller don’t work with heart.

Please let me know about your feedback.

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