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Fiverr hourly rate?

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You can set that yourself. You figure out how much you can do in 15 minutes. For most level 2 sellers or TRS they try to get a $5 gig down to somewhere between 5-15 minutes. It’s easy to figure from there. I can generally do 15 minutes of research that will be productive enough for what I offer at $5. So, my hourly rate for that gig might be about $20. I do custom quotes based on that frequently, although I also often offer sale prices (like $5 for 30 minutes or more) on that gig since I’m building reviews on it. Another seller with lots more reviews that I have might offer 5 minutes for $5. So, an hour would be $60. Packages or custom quotes can be used to make those offers simple.

On some gigs, hourly rates just don’t work. On a writing gig for me, I quote by word count since I generally know how much time that will take me. However, it is too difficult to charge by time on those gigs (for me) since if I am slow that day, I might not be able to finish a $5 gig in exactly 5-15 minutes. In those cases, I am going to finish the gig and make the buyer happy, so they are going to get the word count I promised no matter how much time it takes me.

I’m not against hourly rates, but since I don’t think it would work for every gig type, I wouldn’t want to be confined to that.

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Time tracker would be great option here. Sometimes you can’t figure out every thing in advance. Some times you work on small gigs that you wish some how buyer don’t have to purchase a gig each time. There is an option for hourly rate and track the work and get paid at the end of the week. I think it would be great idea if they add this feature.

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